Made on Monday Challenge

This year we have joined the Made on Monday challenge where we make a 5 x 5 inch piece of textile art once a week. We usually do the work on a Wednesday…..but it still counts!mom_Cora_4_FieldofFlowers_2

It’s been really interesting to start to develop some ideas that I have wanted to have a go at for some time, and Cora is feeling the same, it’s great to try something out to see if the techniques, colours and ideas work before committing to a larger piece of work.  It’s like making samples, something that I do when I feel the need to, but in a much neater, prettier way!MoM Lyn Pecchiar #9

We have created galleries to showcase our work and they will get bigger over time as we add more pieces to them.  Please let us know what you think, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.

Until next time,

Lyn & Cora


Colourful Beach Boxes

The brightly coloured beach boxes on denim that I did for the Photo to Fibre exhibition in 2016 were a favourite of mine.  So I thought I would have another go at doing them for the Made on Monday Challenge Lyn and I are doing this year.

The 5 inch pieces are a bit more limiting than the beach bags and fabric buckets I did for the exhibition so I created new templates in a smaller scale.


Cutting up small pieces of coloured fabric and fusing it onto denim is very therapeutic – but by the end of the fourth piece, I started to wonder why I felt I had to make four of them?


The initial reason was to experiment with quilting techniques, but as you can see, in my haste to finish them and not really wanting to compromise with the design too much, they ended up looking very similar.


However, piece number 5 is my favourite.



Now to the next challenge piece…..

Made on Monday – joining the challenge

A few months ago I saw a post on Facebook by Kate Bridger showing some 5 inch square pieces that she and others had done as part of a “Made on Monday” Challenge.  What a great idea to keep the creative juices flowing – the pieces were small enough to make the challenge achievable.  Lyn and I agreed and we decided we would participate.

I have included the link below for anyone who may be interested

Lyn created a spreadsheet – we both love a good list and the challenge began with the first piece finished on the 26th of April.

Whilst the challenge is “Made on Monday”, ours are actually made on Wednesday as Lyn and I follow our creative pursuits on most Wednesdays

We work shopped some ideas and noted down themes and techniques in order to have as many options as possible to kick start the pieces.

The first theme we both agreed to do was flowers

My first piece has a spray painted background which I did last year and now have an excuse to use and some minimal applique.


I have used freestyle machine stitching to create the flower petals and stems using rayon threads


The next 3 pieces will use the rest of the spray painted fabric, but more about them next time…… Cora

Another Wednesday

Wednesday is always a great day for me, because I reserve it for being creative.  I am lucky enough not to have to work on Wednesdays so even if I have something else on, I try to find at least a small amount of time to do something sewing related, or artistic.

Yesterday, May 17th, Cora and I got together at my home to work on our latest venture.  You may know that we had a large exhibition towards the end of 2016 where we each had around 15 pieces on display.  That took us over a year to get ready for. So we decided to try to keep our momentum going to do another challenge this year.  Although we had decided to challenge ourselves with various themes, Cora came across Made on Monday which is a challenge where artists create a piece 5 inches square every week for a year! That sounded really interesting so we have each been working on that for about 4 weeks now and once we have 12 pieces we send them in and they will be displayed in an online gallery.

So yesterday we were working on piece 4. We spent a lovely day chatting and sewing (and eating!) and have now finished 4 pieces. These pictures show some of the action that went on……

Cora working on her piece with programmable stitches
Cora’s workspace
Me using free motion embroidery
My piece in progress

And here is my sewing friend – he actually woke up for the photo!


I think this challenge is a great way to try out different ideas and techniques and it will be very interesting to see how the pieces unfold and the direction that we each travel in.  The pieces are small enough not to be too cumbersome, and having to do a piece a week keeps us inspired and working.  How do you get inspired?  Do you have any tips or techniques that you use to stimulate creativity? Would love to hear your comments.

Until next time, Lyn

The little things (or scraps!)

Late last year Cora and I had an exhibition with our friend Michelle, which was made up of textile pieces inspired in some ways by Michelle’s photographs.  I thought I would share with you the process of making 2 of those pieces.

The inspiration photograph was of floor tiles taken on Michelle’s travels. As soon as I saw it I loved the photo, probably because it was blue (my favourite colour) but I immediately thought of somehow making tiles with textiles.

Michelle Hill bluetiles

I really don’t know how these ideas come to me, except that sometimes I just wake up with them.  So I decided to try creating the background of the tiles with tiny weeny scraps of blue fabric (because of course I have heaps of blue fabric).  Unfortunately I don’t think I took a photo of all the scraps cut up, but here is the leftover mess.  You get the idea, I grabbed bits of fabric and ran over them with the rotary cutter until they were so tiny they were annoying.

Then careful not to sneeze….. I placed them on a piece of soluble stabiliser in a random fashion within the boundaries of a marked square.  For my samples I made the square 10 cm (4 inches).  The larger tiles ended up being 30cm (12 inches)

I placed another piece of soluble fabric over the top and then started stitching grid lines using free motion embroidery and a variegated thread.3 1st pass

Then I washed the stabiliser out. Using one of the pieces as a stitching sample, when it was dry I placed it on soluble stabiliser again and tested various threads to see what would show up well for the main pattern design.

After the success of the blue sample I decided that to be fair to the other colours of the rainbow I really should try stepping away from the blue and use some other colours.  So I made 3 more and followed the same process finally stitching the design on the surface of the tiles using some soluble stabiliser underneath.

Washed out the soluble and left it to dry….


And these are the finished pieces.

8 finished

These are the coloured tiles framed (when I asked my teenage daughter for help on a name she suggested Ninja Turtles…..)

9 framed

Larger piece framed10 larger piece

Hung in the gallery with the inspiration picture.

11 in gallery


It’s now been a while since I made these, and I am thinking about what I can try next using these techniques.  Will keep you posted!

Until next time,



Here we go

Hi and welcome to our blog. We are Cora and Lyn, 2 textile artists who have been working together on many textile adventures over the years.  We have finally decided to set up a web page to share our work with the world.  Scary but true.  Over the coming weeks we will put up our work in galleries  and start sharing our textile adventures in the blog.

When we stopped working together after many years, we decided to keep up our friendship through our mutual love of textiles, and creating things.  So we started getting together on Wednesdays to share ideas, encouragement and our creativity.  Our website will show what we have been up to….. we hope you enjoy your visit.