About Us

Welcome to the website of Cora Petralito and Lyn Pecchiar.  We are textile artists living in Melbourne Australia.  We enjoy getting together to encourage each other in our creative endeavours usually on Wednesdays – thus the name of our site.  We hope you enjoy seeing our work.  Feel free to browse the gallery and we will be adding blog posts showing our latest creations.

Cora Petralito

Cropped profile photoI started sewing as a child making clothes for my dolls and eventually progressed to making my own clothes when I was still in high school.  I have always loved fabric, threads and the textures that can be created with both.  This has led me to many years of experimenting with varying craft and sewing projects including quilt making using a wide range of techniques from needle turn appliqué, machine stitched appliqué to hand embroidery.   A machine embroidery cushion class fueled my current passion for free motion machine embroidery and I have recently started experimenting with fabric painting, using stamps and stencils, thread painting and fabric collage.

Find me on Instagram: @corapetralito

Lyn Pecchiar

lyn website

I have been sewing since I was a child and progressed from making felt puppets to making my own clothes as a teenager.  Wanting to further my skills, I enquired in a local quilt shop about sewing classes.  This started my adventures in quilt making, starting with traditional quilts and branching out to art quilts of my own design.  It was then I discovered that the feed-dogs on the sewing machine could be lowered (disengaged) and I could sew “free motion” in any direction.  I have enjoyed free motion machine embroidery and quilting ever since, and I love making my own designs come to life.  I alternate between dressmaking and experimenting with fabric and thread using free motion stitching, fabric collage and lots of other techniques.

Find me on Instagram: @threadcrossings