Sewing Room, Fabric Boxes & UFO’s! The Last 6 Months – Part 3 of 4

Finding myself with more time I have also been doing some spring cleaning.  I cleaned up the spare room, went through my fabric and thread/yarn stash and organised everything neatly, bought a new sewing table and set up my first sewing room/creative space.

I now have my sewing machine and over locker always set up (rather than on the kitchen table), a cutting table and ironing space.  It is incredible how this space has boosted my creativity and output.

Once the drawers were put together, the rest of the table was easy….  Thanks IKEA.

Cleaning up also uncovered quite a few unfinished objects (UFO’s).  This has been my main focus during my leave from work.  Finishing as many UFO’s as possible as well as working through my stash of fabric and yarns.  If I get rid of some, I can buy more……

My stash also contained kits purchased, as well as UFO’s.  The plan was to make up as many of the kits as possible.  I managed to finish a quilt top made from fabrics in a wonderful kit bought from “Dyed and gone to Heaven”.  They sell the most beautiful dyed fabrics and kits.  I couched the fabric using various yarns from my stash before cutting them and arranging as per the instructions.  The quilt top is finished and ready for quilting….

I used up some thick yarn I had in my stash that wasn’t enough to do anything other than a cushion???  I crocheted using the corner to corner pattern found on You Tube by a friend.  It is very easy to do and very therapeutic as it doesn’t require a lot of thinking or counting.   I now have another UFO that needs to be completed once I figure out how to finish it with fabric…..

I love the corner to corner process, so continued on this crochet theme and made a foot stool cover with another lot of thick wool I had in my pile of yarn.  The crochet top was to replace the fabric covered cushion that was well worn.  I “mod podged” the base with fabric ages ago but is still in very good condition.  I am now enjoying the foot stool on a daily basis….


Having reached the magic 52 weeks of making one 5” square piece every week as part of the Made on Monday Challenge created by Kate Bridger.  We decided to make fabric boxes to store them in……  I got carried away making the panels and ended up making two different sized boxes and have some left over to make another smaller one….

I enjoyed making the boxes and will make more in the future.  For now I am into making bags.

But more on that next time.  Cheers until then…….


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