Quick update

Hello from sunny Melbourne where the sun is shining, daylight savings started last weekend and things are looking less gloomy!  The year has flown by so quickly and I am long overdue to update the blog.

Not as much sewing has been going on here lately, but I recently purchased a new Pfaff sewing machine so I am keen to give it a good work out.  So far, so good!  I am definitely planning to increase the output in the coming months.  I think it definitely helps to have a goal as well, and lately I haven’t had any deadlines or goals so time just slips away.  Cora and I have talked about how we need to set new goals so that we have something to aim for.

I did manage to make a box for my Made on Monday pieces and I made it large enough to fit in more than the 52 (one year’s work) so I will be keeping that going, just not at the rate of one piece a week.

I have also created pieces 53 and 54 which are now in my gallery.  There were pieces made with soluble stabiliser and free motion machine stitched on my new machine.  I’m pleased to report that the Pfaff passed that test!

So having got my mojo back, there will definitely not be such a long break before the next post!

I know Cora has been stitching more than me, so I will encourage her to update here as well.

Until next time



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