Number 23

Last week was week 23 for my Made on Monday challenge.  I decided to continue my experimenting with Inktense pencils.  Numbers 21 and 22 were also created using inktense pencils, and although I don’t really like piece 22, I do like the idea of using a simple image, and outline stitching it with free motion embroidery.

The starting point was an offcut from a piece which had been painted using stencilled images. (Have I mentioned I have a LOT of STUFF in my sewing room which needs to be used/donated/thrown out?)  So I used it… and grabbed a bag of stencils which had come from some magazines meant for paper crafts.

1 fabric

Using the pear stencil I created the image by blending various colours of inktense pencils, wet with a mixture of textile medium and water.  I used less water this time, because number 22 showed me how much the ink spreads when wet.

I then experimented with a border, still using inktense, because the fabric did not have colour all the way to the edges.


Finally after checking the layout with my trusty pink board with a 5 inch window cut out, I stitched with free motion embroidery, using simple outlines around the pear.

6 checking size

The background was stitched in a leaf pattern, sort of following the pattern of the leaves but not really!  I stitched around the border triangles as well to try to make them pop up a bit from the fabric.

After a zig zag stitch to finish the edges, it’s finished!

8 final stitched

Detail of the stitching:

9 stitch detail

Currently I am borrowing Cora’s inktense pencils, and I am certainly sold on getting some of my own.  I might get some of the inktense blocks, because the pencils are great for small areas and detail, but I think it would be great to be able to cover larger areas.

Do any of you have experience with inktense? Am I the only one late to this party?

Until next time



3 thoughts on “Number 23

  1. Lyn I follow you on Instagram Etched in Thread.
    You were asking for comments. I use inktense pencils and blocks on some of my thread painted backgrounds if you take a peek of mind you can see a few pictures in progress and finished.
    I found working with the inktense pencils that using water makes them bleed so I mix mine sole with clear aloe Vera gel and that seems to work for me. If you want after you can wash as the inktense pencils and blocks are permanent . I love them because the colours once touched with the aloe Vera gel are vibrant. Loved the piece you just did, I have never used templets but what a great idea.


  2. Hi Ally, thanks for the comments about aloe Vera, I am still to try that. I actually have it growing in my garden and will try it direct from the plant. I follow you on instagram too, and your work is lovely, I love your seascapes. Do you set the inktense in any way other than the aloe Vera to make them permanent?


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